Epicnews is back, like its ever been gone!

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Epicnews is back, like its ever been gone!

Post  Admin on Sat Nov 13, 2010 7:46 am

Sorry for not posting erlier but here is the new epicnews! today, we will talk about some changes comming to the site and among other things, critisizing celebs. first off, our group list is getting smaller, thats a relief! second off, welcome my co admin shadow344, show him a little respect. next, the bieber bowl! just wash, spin , and youre bieber'd! call now, our offices are waiting to adore you. brought to you by build a beiber! build your bieber any way you want to! he doesnt make as much money as ushers, but man, he sure is cute. thats all for todays epicnews, see you next time. Suspect

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